La casa di Gioia

soggiorni rurali

An ancient and cosy rural residence finely restored and furnished a few kilometers from Mottola. Relax, design, comfort, tradition and modernity in the Bed & Breakfast you don’t expect.





Everything starts from two letters and two dates engraved on the light blue facade: GC, 1908 and 1922.

Since the numbers clearly refer to the date of construction of the respective buildings in 1908 e in 1922, the letters GC have had different interpretations. At first they seemed to mean “guardia campestre” (i.e. “rural guard”), but acronyms like these were usually engraved on the outside of the property, beyond the gate, not internally nor on the main door. Then they seemed to be the initials of the former owner, but also this hypothesis is wrong because they are GS, Giuseppe Semeraro.… read more


− Gabriella Quero